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Worlds 1st Profit Pump Mechanism Company For A Crypto Token 

2% from the overall sales of our company (All Products, Services, NFT's, Metaverse Land & In-Game Metaverse Sales) is allocated to our esteemed Buy & Burn Profit Pump Mechanism. This remarkable feature facilitates the purchase and subsequent elimination of Greenlyght Coin, thereby fostering a significant boost in its market value.

Why Is A Profit Pump Mechanism Important? 

A profit pump mechanism holds immense significance as it perpetually invests in the chart and promptly eliminates those tokens permanently by burning them. Furthermore, it serves as a testament to the unwavering dedication of the company affiliated with said token.

Why Should I Invest In PPM Tokens? 

PPM tokens are an incredibly reliable investment opportunity due to the unwavering dedication of the company and its owner to consistently purchase and eliminate token supply. Month after month and year after year, this steadfast commitment guarantees investors that the company is fully devoted to fostering the expansion of its token.

As Greenlyght Grows Your Investment Grows 

As Greenlyght ventures further into the world of Web3 technology and entertainment, the value of Greenlyght Coin will consistently grow by 2%, mirroring the success of our diverse array of products and services..

What Products & Services Does Greenlyght Offer That I Can Support?

At the present moment, the PPM will be put into action for our NFT's, Metaverse Land/Plots, and EZ Lobster.

GLC 48 Hour Buying Event

Pre-Sale For Greenlyght World Metaverse Land/Plots Starts Now - Greenlyght NFT Holders Get First Dibs

20% Extra GLC For The Duration Of The 2nd And Final Pre-Sale

Myelhii Club Snoop Dogg NFT “GIVE-A-WAY” Buying Event!