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Step-By-Step How To Stake Greenlyght Coin For iPhone

Step 1.)
Make sure you have imported your Trustwallet address to MetaMask because connecting via Trustwallet isn’t reliable do to Apple removing Dapps from the wallet. If you aren’t sure how to do that click here


Copy this link and open Trust Wallet and click on Browser in the menu at the bottom of the screen. Paste the address above and click go 

Make sure you are on the BSC network. On the top left corner if you see a white circle with a Grey diamond that’s the Etherum Network and you need to switch to Smart Chain (BSC). Also middle of the screen next to the connect button you’ll also see a box to select a network, make sure that’s BSC as well

Step 4.)
Click the orange connect top right of the screen. A window will pop up and select connect Metamesk

Step 5.
Scroll down the list and find GLC Before starting step one iPhone users will need to import their Trust Wallet address (yes all of them) to MetaMask before continuing to Step one. Click here to start the process.

Click on GLC and approve pool. (Takes very small Smart Chain fee) and a few seconds.

Once pool is ready click on stake and add amount you want to stake. The more you stake the more you make.

Step 8.)
Hit Confirm (Small Smart Chain fee)

Takes a minute but it should show the coins staked and earning! Remember the coins are now in the staking program. Those coins staked will not show up in your trust wallet or poocoin till they are claimed when staking is compete.