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Greenlyght Content Hub/GLC News/Greenlyght Successfully Launches 3.0 (The Much Needed Crypto/Cannabis Exchange)

Greenlyght Successfully Launches 3.0 (The Much Needed Crypto/Cannabis Exchange)

Post Date

Saturday, November 12, 2022

Post Author

Bret Jackson

It’s Here!

The start of Greenlyght 3.0!

What an accomplishment for the Greenlyght Team. For everyone who had a hand in this I can’t thank you enough!

The drive and passion here at Greenlyght has never been more laser focused than it is right now. The vision has never been more clearer and today’s the start of the future of Greenlyght!

Greenlyght 3.0 will bring the framework, software and talent needed to successfully merge the crypto and cannabis industries like no one has ever done.

Greenlyght 3.0 is the combination and completion of our NEW Master Website and our flagship product “The Greenlyht App”.

If you haven’t seen the “7 Great Updates You Don’t Want To Miss” in regards to the master website than go check that out and see what news features we’ve added! GO HERE

My next post will be about the NEW Greenlyght App that just went live in the App Store! iPhone users can get ahead of the post and download the app now (click Apple download button at the top of the home page)


The post will be about the vision of the app! After all The Greenlyght App is our ticket to the moon!

If you’re reading this YOU ARE ON THE NEW MASTER WEBSITE! Take a peak around! It’s filled with information about Greenlyght!

Talk to you soon!

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