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Greenlyght Buying Event - Limited Time Only - Take Action Now

Post Date

Thursday, March 30, 2023

Post Author

Bret Jackson

Want To Guarantee A Metaverse Plot In Greenlyght World?

It's Simple! If you own a Donny Bohemian NFT you will be guaranteed the opportunity to grab one the best 1,111 plots in Greenlyght World!

The more Donny B NFT's you own the more plots you'll be guaranteed. Own 50 Donny NFT's? Than you will have the opportunity to buy 50 of the FIRST & BEST 1,111 plots in Greenlyght World.

Donny Bohemian NFT's Are On Sale From $135 to $50 During This Buying Event!  YOU SAVE $85!!

Want To Buy GLC And Get 35% MORE GLC?

Click The Button Below And Read About Our 2nd & Final Pre-Sale (Follow the directions on the Pre-Sale Page to submit your Pre-Sale Contributions)

If you buy within the next 24 hours (or until the timer runs out) you will get 35% Extra GLC Tokens.

The 35% Extra Promo Is Over

Interested In Investing... 

But Don't Know Where To Start? 

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