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How To Buy Land/Plots In The Greenlyght World Metaverse

Post Date

Tuesday, April 04, 2023

Post Author

Bret Jackson

Secure Your Greenlyght Metaverse Land/Plots Now

Create Your Character 

Create you Greenlyght World identity by creating your own character. Communication is the backbone to GLW and your online persona will identify who you are. With features like friends mode and invisable mode you can easily create the experience you wish for.  

Shop Cannabis Products 

Although Greenlyght World is a multi-industry metaverse it is first-and-foremost cannabis friendly. Cannabis stores and cannabis related product stores will be plentiful all over GLW. With our easy checkout experience; customers and businesses will mutually enjoy GLW.      

As we get deeper and deeper into our metaverse build-out its evident that it wont only change our Greenlyght Eco System but it will set the standard for metaverses to follow.

Couple things to keep in mind.

We want GLC to be the ONLY in-game currency.

This means we are building a swap integration where a user can easily swap other coins (BTC, ETH DOGE and any other major coins) directly to GLC. Very simplistic! Users can also buy GLC directly with a card (it buys BNB than swaps to GLC automatically so a user doesn’t have to do that) a user only cares about buying GLC. A user doesn’t care about BNB.

Top 10 things you can use GLC for in our Gaming-eComm-Metaverse

  • ​Buy cannabis or cannabis related products
  • ​Buy others products from other stores (house hold, cloths, food, alcohol, etc)
  • ​Play and EARN GLC in arcade
  • ​Casino Chips (for our casino)
  • ​Land/Plots
  • ​Residential & Commercial buildings
  • ​NFT’s
  • ​Swap and Sell (a user based marketplace like Facebook swap and sell or Craigslist)
  • ​Event tickets for our entertainment center
  • ​Transportation (flying cars, jet skis, boats, mopeds and more!

The first 1,111 land/plots are on sale right now and they're going to be very affordable compared to the price of plots whenever we final go live with the first version on Greenlyght World.

Presale is first come first serve! We are rewarding investors who take early action.

How To Buy..

Start a live chat with me at the bottom left of this page or click here to start a chat.   

In The Chat...

In the live chat we will get all your questions answered so you can make an educated decision on buying your land/plot and than we will discuss what what payment methods (Credit/Debit Card, BTC, ETH, BNB)      

Interested In Investing... 

But Don't Know Where To Start? 

Start A Live Chat Now!