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Greenlyght Arrives In Style Ahead Of The MJBizCon Cannabis Event In Las Vegas (Booth 10225)

Post Date

Monday, November 14, 2022

Post Author

Bret Jackson

The start of this week marks a pivotal point in Greenlyght. Since 2017 Greenlyght has been innovating its business plan around the trends of the cannabis industry and more importantly starting its own trends. Always looking ahead and always evolving via the technology currently available.

This week is a perfect example of the constant vision Greenlyght continues to seek in order to stay ahead of its competition.

Greenlyght heads into MJBizCon (booth 10225) with its newly launched Greenlyght 3.0 technology. A small delivery company that was started in Maine back in 2017 has turned into a massive blockchain and web3 project that’s attracted investors all over the world.

Greenlyght offers a wide variety of options to potential followers, customers and investors.

Here are some examples…

  • ​Cannabis Users: We offer our new state-of-the-art Greenlyght App where cannabis users can search local areas for the closet stores near them and in addition order delivery where delivery is available (view our App Map to see what areas Greenlyght is currently available)
  • Business Owners: We offer businesses the ability to add their store to Greenlyght and in addition they can load their menus on there for order-ahead and delivery services (More Info)
  • Users: Our L Studios p2e gaming division allows users to participate in games that Greenlyght offers to earn free Greenlyght Coin (GLC)
  • Investors: And last but certainly not least is our investment opportunity for individuals who want to invest into Cryptocurrency and Cannabis. Greenlyght Coin is the newest flash Greenlyght has developed and it’s Greenlyght Coin that will lead Greenlyght to new unimaginable heights.

Our product, service and investment offerings really hit a large group of people in the world and with the newly launched Greenlyght 3.0 we anticipate good things happening with Greenlyght over the next few months!

If you haven’t yet you can download our new app now!


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